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Finally got the favicon working. It’s the same as eServices, at least for now. May change it in the future; maybe not.

Remember the convenience of a Shelf Company and the image – some registered in 2022 – when you want to get your business going extra fast!

Email us for more: question101@easierbetterfaster.com

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Magic is in the Air!

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Kindness and cooperation is in the air!

Registering a private company – a Pty Ltd – for trade from South Africa is easier than before – just click, fill, submit, and pay. It goes without saying that this is better faster and even cheaper (hence ebfc.co.za) than fiddling yourself and wasting your precious time.

Make hay while the sun shines!

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P.S. If you wish to use a company to trade from another country please approach us from our Offshore Companies website.

CIPC in the Old Days

Hi All,

42 years ago I drove to CIPC (‘Registrar’ in those days) from Jo’burg to Pretoria, went up to the CK7 floor and handed my defensive name application personally to the lady working there.

My business name “International Order Agency” was approved, and then I was able to advertise nicely in the Farmers Weekly to sell for R12.50 the “All About Pigs” books I had luckily picked up for R1.00 each from a gentleman in Parktown North.

This was my first business, me trading as that name.

You too can make a defensive/trading name application at this link. Now it is easier better faster.



Strong Encryption eMail

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We are excited for the progress of our present evolution!

Email MX Record migration to ProtonMail will let you still use our domain email addresses from which we send but provide far more encrypted security than our previous provider although that was even good.

Please see the links above to visit eServices and Offshore Companies.

We will be adding more links soon.

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Here is our first post on this site which is still under development.

Please keep this page open in your browser, bookmark it, etc., and refresh often to see new stuff as it gets added.

This site will prove to be your best business experience ever, for business registration, banking, and accounting in South Africa and World Wide.

We are the chief innovators in this field and would be honoured to work with you!


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